Diseases where stem cells are considered most promising

Regenerative medicine is in active human clinical study

According to the National Institute of Health web site, nearly 1500 adult stem cell therapeutic clinical trials are in progress. This very high level of activity will assure that, in a few short years, there should be several new FDA approved treatments, as well as many more clinically available procedures. Studies are underway for the following conditions:


Spinal Cord Injuries

Heart Disease

Endrocrine Disease

Muscle Trauma


Sports Injuries

Eye Disease

Multiple Sclerosis


Celiac Disease


Parkinson's Disease


Alzheimer's Disease

Gastrointestinal Disease


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Various Cancers

Hematologic Disease


Vascular Disease

Burns/Wound Healing

Hodgkins Disease


New organ tissues have been regenerated and transplanted using stem cell technologies. Imagine the possibility of one day not having to wait for a donor, or to be concerned with tissue rejection.

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