After Sample Collection

  • Skin sample is processed, placed in growth media and grown out to storage quantities over a 3-4 week period.
  • Blood sample is treated to isolate and concentrate stem cells
  • Both are slowly cooled and then frozen in liquid nitrogen at -150 degrees Celsius. (-240 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Sample records are completed.
  • Certificate of process completion and storage is sent to the patient.

Patients’ Responsibility at the doctor’s office

  • When discussing health issues, ask your doctor if stem cell therapeutics are an option and remind caregiver of your CelBank™.
  • If you change doctors, be sure the new provider knows about your CelBank™. Provide them a copy of your CelBank™ Certificate and Customer Agreement for convenience.

Patients’ Responsibility at home

  • Customer Agreement and CelBank™ Certificate should be kept with other important papers.
  • Join Next Healthcare’s Facebook page to keep appraised of significant news about stem cell therapeutics and research breakthroughs.
  • Consider whether other family or friends may benefit from CelBank™ as well.