CelBank™ Personal Cell Bank

Every patient who chooses CelBank™ will receive:

  • Consultation with Patient Counselor
  • Sample Collection Appointment
  • Collection kit with sterile components
  • Collection service of 60 ml of blood and a 4 mm punch biopsy of skin
  • Priority shipping of kit to processing facility
  • All testing of blood samples
  • All processing of skin and blood samples (approximately 6 weeks)
  • Cryopreservation of processed samples for one full year
  • Processing and shipping of cells to a treatment provider
  • Educational resources and periodic updates from Next Healthcare Inc.
  • Your physician with collect all fees for the above service

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  • Consultation: Whether you are a new patient or existing patient of a CelBank™ provider, the counsellor will take a history, arrange any pre-sampling tests required and answer any questions you have about the service.
  • Collection Appointment: This will be scheduled following your initial consultation. If scheduling permits, your samples may be collected immediately following the consultation.
  • Sample Collection: The procedure normally takes about 10 minutes to complete. 60 ml of blood (2 ounces in 6 vials) is taken from your arm by syringe and one 4 mm punch biopsy of the epidermis is extracted from an inconspicuous area of your buttocks or upper thigh.
  • Priority overnight shipping: Your specimen kit will ship the day your samples are collected, ensuring delivery at the processing facility within 24 hours.
  • Testing of samples: Your samples will be tested to confirm that no contamination has occurred and that they are suitable for processing and cryopreservation.
  • Processing of samples: When all testing and processing is complete (5-6 weeks), a CelBank™ Certificate with lab report will be generated and sent to you. An additional certificate can also be sent to your physician to keep in your patient file, at your request.
  • Cryopreservation: One full year of cryopreservation is included in the initial fee. You may choose to purchase additional years of storage immediately or wait until payment is due the following year. Discounts apply to 3 and 5 year storage plans. These can be purchased directly thought the CelBank™ website.
  • Processing and shipping cells to treatment provider: With the assistance of Next Healthcare, Inc. and your physician, you decide the treatment type and the facility that will administer treatment, if the need for treatment arises. In the United States, we recommend only FDA approved treatments or clinical studies at FDA registered facilities.
  • Educational resources: We encourage you to utilize educational resources offered by Next Healthcare, Inc. through this website and our Facebook page to keep you abreast of current treatments, therapies and research in the field of stem cell therapeutics.